Charter for the promotion of the theoretical and philosophical study of law

  1. The combined discovery of philosophy and law should significantly contribute to the training of lawyers, and favour the link between the world of law and the study of human and social sciences.
  2. Theoretical and philosophical study should be promoted and developed in the faculties of law and philosophy in order to offer students a solid culture of what underlies human institutions and societies.
  3. The acquisition of a fundamental culture in philosophy of law should allow students in higher education, who are/will be led to think about legal systems in their national and international dimensions, to better understand the movements of thought that have historically participated in the construction of the contemporary world.
  4. The cross-disciplinary study of philosophy and law aims to train the actors of today’s and tomorrow’s world so that they are able to think about the technical issues of legal, socio-economic and political life, but also to participate in the major intellectual and scientific projects of their time.
  5. The cross-disciplinary study of philosophy and law favours the development of the human and social sciences through the sharing of fundamental references, their better mutual knowledge, and their placing in perspective with the challenges posed by socio-economic, environmental, technological, ethical and cultural developments.
  6. Its development must be supported by university research in order to contribute to the conservation, dissemination and renewal of teaching.
  7. The members of the Network of Law and Philosophy Degrees are committed to promoting, as far as possible and within the framework of the network’s activities, training in and through research.
  8. They also contribute to the reflection on the training of young jurists-philosophers for a practical application of knowledge and its valorisation in civil society, the professional world and public institutions.
  9. They undertake to collaborate regularly in joint undertakings for the creation and dissemination of knowledge both to students and to the public and major institutions, at national and international levels.
  10. To this end, the signatories of the present charter undertake to maintain and animate a cooperative network promoting teaching and research in philosophy of law. This network can welcome public and private actors who are convinced that they should participate in this valorization.

Publié par rdd-phi

L'objet du Réseau est de travailler à la promotion de l’étude couplée du droit et de la philosophie. Il poursuit ainsi l’objectif de valoriser tant sur le plan national qu’international l’enseignement et la recherche en théorie et en la philosophie du droit au sein des formations et diplômes proposant à la fois un cursus juridique et un cursus philosophique. En ce sens, l'association œuvre à l’organisation et à la diffusion des activités des doubles diplômes en droit et philosophie.

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